England - Wounded

Sun July 30th.

Left Boulogne this morning about 9am and travelled by hospital ship "Cambria" to Dover and then by train to Ipswich and sent to Ipswich and South Suffolk Hospital, Ipswich.

Mon Aug 7th.

Have been out several afternoons since coming here and I like Ipswich very well. It is a fair sized town with some fine buildings in it. Was out this afternoon at "Holiwell", the residence of Lady Cobbold, who took us for a drive in her motor to Orwell Park the residence of Captain Perryman, a Member of Parliament.

Tues Aug 8th.

Left Ipswich Hospital this morning and came down to convalescent hospital at Harefield Park.

Inside Harefield Convalescent Hospital 1917 - postcard EG King collection
Inside Harefield Convalescent Hospital 1917 - postcard EG King collection

Mon Aug 14th.

Had to have the piece of shell extracted from my arm as it was not healing at all. It should soon be right now.

Fri Sept 1st.

Discharged from hospital and sent to Perham Downs Camp, Salisbury Plains.

Sun Sept 3rd.

Went on furlough (15 days).

Mon Sept 18th.

Finished furlough and reported back to Perham Downs. I had a good time while on furlough, spending 11 days in London and 3 in the Isle of Wight.

Wed Sept 27th.

Reviewed by King George at Bulford about 7 miles from Rollestone. About 35,000 Australian troops took part in this review and in the march past (in column of platoon) it took about 1 ΒΌ hours to pass by the saluting base.

Sun Oct 22nd.

Have been warned for draft to proceed to France about the end of the week. I am at present in Edinburgh, came up yesterday and return tomorrow.

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